Employment Opportunities

Below are the available employment opportunities with Red Door Housing.  To apply please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Job Title: Grounds Maintenance Technician

Job Purpose

Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Grounds Maintenance Technician is responsible for providing janitorial and caretaker maintenance services at all RDHS sites conducting minor repairs and the building inspections. The Grounds Maintenance Technician is responsible for cleaning all RDHS sites, common areas and managing of garbage issues or dumping that may occur at sites.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Clean all common areas of the building, grounds and exterior.
  • Mop amenity room, laundry rooms, common areas/bathrooms, including waxing floors.
  • Monitor recycling program and keeps area around recycling bins tidy and clean.
  • Monitor garbage compactors and makes necessary pick up/ drop off arrangements.
  • Cleans the garbage rooms and washes the floor with bleach as necessary.
  • Checks underground for security and cleanliness. (where applicable)
  • Removes snow and salts sidewalks and the building entrances. (seasonal)
  • Keeps janitorial rooms clean, stocked, and in order.
  • Notifies Property Managers concerning need for minor/major repairs.
  • Oversees the Building Emergency Response Plan and conducts monthly test of emergency generators and fire alarm systems.
  • Site deliveries as required i.e. (not limited to) parts, restoration equipment, tools, etc.
  • Calls Property Manager for emergency repairs (elevators, gates, building entrance doors)
  • Carry company cell phone all the time and respond to calls in timely manner. • Performs other related duties as per the Operation Manager and the Property Managers.
  • Assist maintenance and all RDHS staff as required.
  • Complete all grounds work orders created by Property Manager.

Service Vehicle

The Grounds Maintenance Technician will be provided the use of a service vehicle to carry out their duties. This RDHS vehicle is not permitted for personal use. The driver must obey all traffic laws and drive in a safe manner at all times. The driver will be provided with a payment card for fuel and any parking that may be required. Must hold a clean class 5 driving license.


The Janitorial Technician will be required to work 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Job Title: Property Manager

Job Description

• Responsible for ensuring the optimum operation of the housing developments.
• Staff position
• Reports to the Operations Manager
• Hours as set by the Executive Director and/or the Operations Manager.
• Non-Resident in the development


• Responsible for the operation of 6 nonprofit Housing Developments.

Specific Tasks – Operational:

• Inspect all units on Move in and Move Out
• Ensure all units are ready for re-rental as soon as possible.
• Handle non-routine correspondence for the development.
• Handle unit move ins and move outs.
• Show vacant units to potential tenants.

Specific Tasks – Financial:

• Assist with setting the operating budgets and manage expenses to stay within budget or inform the operations manager of any potential overages.
• Assist with capital Plans with the Accountant and the Operations manager.

Specific Tasks – Maintenance:

• Arrange for and supervise all Maintenance and Trades as required
• Prepare work orders as per maintenance requests.
• Schedule work assignments with other P. M’s and maintenance Technician
• Inspect all units annually with the Operations Manager.
• Respond to emergencies related to the site during working hours.
• Walk sites on a weekly basis to report on maintenance issues and to make recommendations for capital repairs.
• Set up annual fire safety inspections.
• Monitor parkades for unlicensed and unregistered vehicles.
• Clean and check electrical and mechanical rooms.
• Complete minor repairs as required.
• Maintain control of site keys.

Specific Tasks – Tenant Relations:

• Post all notices.
• Follow through on eviction notices.
• Prepare documents for writ and orders of possessions.
• Direct Tenants to website for complaints, transfers, notices, and maintenance requests.


Other duties as required and vacation coverage.



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