About Subsidized Housing

What Is Subsidized Housing

This is long-term housing with rent geared to income (30% of household total gross income, subject to minimum rent based on # of people) for people who permanently reside in British Columbia when applying, with gross household income below a certain limit. More information on Subsidized Housing at BC Housing.  All applicants must be live on the BC Housing registry.

What is Market Housing

Market or Reduced Market properties are available for families and individuals whose household income is too high to qualify for subsidized housing, yet they continue to face monthly financial challenges in the rental housing market.

In order to be eligible for Market housing with RDHS, the applicant(s):

  • Must be living in the Lower Mainland.
  • Must fulfill the income requirements for the specific unit.
  • Must be a family, a senior or require an accessible unit.

Occupancy Standards

For purposes of determining Core Housing Need means a dwelling which can accommodate a Household according to the following prescriptions:

  • There shall be no more than 2 or less than 1 person per bedroom.
  • Spouses and couples share a bedroom.
  • Parents do not share a bedroom with children.
  • Dependant’s age 18 or more do not share a bedroom.
  • Dependant’s age 5 or more of the opposite sex do not share a bedroom.